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  • Pirate of the Month

    This is a new post for us. We would like to share with our band of pirates who the band is. We think this will be a great way to get to know each other better. So without further ado,  Let's start the Q & A, Here is our very first Pirate of the Month.  June's Pirate of the month is  Darrell ... View Post
  • 7 Doubloons

    Ahoy Mates! There be treasure ahead in this here post. Let me tell you the tale of the 7 Doubloons.  As Pirates, we have our little secrets. We like to hide things sometimes in plain sight, others you may need a map to find. Sometimes we need the map because we just can't remember where we put ou... View Post
  • The Pirate's Parlay Newsletter

    When is a newsletter not a Newsletter?

    Well, that is a very good question. The Black Ship crew wanted to create more than just a newsletter for our Brotherhood. It's a way to see into our pirate shaving lifestyle. Take a peek fer Ye self Puppet!

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