Why would you use a Badger hair shaving brush?

Did You Know the Best Shaving Brushes are Made From Badger Hair?

It’s true; the badger hair shaving brush is the ultimate tool for a superior shave. Badger hair shaving brushes are the king of all shaving tools.


Why the badger?

We get it; badger hair seems like an odd thing to try. But someone along the way did, and we’re grateful for that! Badger hair scrubs the skin in such a way that it opens the pores. This process allows stimulation of the hair follicle, making your hair stand straight – a perfect situation for a close, clean shave.

Beyond the results you’ll get, badger hair shaving brushes are among the highest quality brushes available on the market. A well-made brush averages ten to fifteen years of use! Of course, that is assuming you care for your brush properly.


Choosing the best brush

Before you start thinking about care, you first must choose your weapon. There are three varieties of badger hair brushes:

  • Pure (or dark) – this hair comes from the stomach, shoulders, and neck. Usually dark in color, the pure badger is more coarse than other types and often the most affordable. A pure brush is best suited for oily skin.
  • Best (or premium) – this hair comes from the badger’s back and has an ombre color effect. Often assembled by hand, the hairs are soft and price expensive.
  • Silvertip – Using only wintertime neck hair, the silvertip shaving brush is the most expensive of the three. Almost pure white and extremely soft, this type of brush is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin.


Caring for your badger hair shaving brush

Now that you’ve chosen the brush best for your needs and budget, knowing how to care for it is a must. First, you’ll want to gently rinse your brush upon arrival. Don’t be alarmed if a few hairs fall out, this is normal. To dry, you’ll place your shaving brush in its designated holder, bristle-side down. This is important to allow natural air to flow through the bristles avoiding mold and musty mildew smells – we love a good pirate ship too, but not on our face.

Once dry, you’re good to experience the superior lathering of these spectacular brushes. Rinse, dry, repeat.


At Black Ship Grooming, you have the choice: badger hair shaving brush or handmade to order synthetic brushes. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that you’ll have the very best lather! Click here to view our current offerings in shaving brushes. While you’re looking about, be sure to like our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest product releases and news.

For now, ahoy me hearties!James

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