Vanilla Latte Lip Lubbers Lip Balm

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Vanilla Latte Lip Lubbers Lip Balm

Are you a salty pirate with dry lips? We have the lip balm for you. Our premium lip balms will help protect and moisturize your lips from the moment you put it on.

We jam pack our Lip Lubbers Lip Balm with simple wholesome ingredients:

  • all natural Bees Wax
  • luxurious Shea Butter is known for its moisturizing properties
  • rich and creamy Coconut butter that will soak in soothing dry lips
  • Island Punch is like a Mai Tai for the lips, Taste the drink of the islands all day.

One try and you'll be hooked, Captain! These glide on effortlessly and will not feel waxy, just smooth sailing. Jump on board and give your salty lips a reason to smile, me Harties!