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Shiver Bath and Body Collection

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Shiver Me Timbers Savvy! Every man will love this frosty collection sure to wake the sense. We have you covered from the shower to the shave and even a candle to raise your mood!

When you bathe and  shave with our Shiver Me Timber's soaps you'll get a cooling sensation that will help lift your sense and rase your mood. Top it off with our brand new never released North Star candle and you'll have a gift that every one will love!

This collection comes in our Gift set market tray and includes:

One North Star Candle

One 4.5 oz Shiver Me Timbers Bath soap

One 4oz Shiver Me Timbers shaving soap

One 100ml Shiver Me Timbers aftershave

Cool this season down a bit with the Shiver abth and body collection!