Christmas Crate Day 9

Day Nine of Christmas Crates

Today's Crate has:

    • One black Shaving Bowl
    • One Wassail Shaving Soap
    • One Wassail Aftershave
    • One Wassail Bath soap
    • One  24mm Synthetic Shaving Brush
    • One Blade Bank
    • One pack of Euromax blades
    • One Osma Alum block

All packaged in our New Christmas Crate! imagine giving a truly unique Christmas Gift this Year! We are packaging these in our exclusive hand-built crate that will be filled with shaving goodies protected in wood shavings fill. Your gift recipient won't be able to see what you have hidden within this totally sealed crate! Give the gift of fun this year and watch their excitement as they break into their crate!

Remember there are only five exclusive crates that will be offered each day at varying times of the day in order to let everyone get a chance to get one. So sign up for our newsletters so you'll know when the next crate is being released!