Shaving Bowl Gift Set

Hand thrown ceramic shaving bowl made just for wet shavers. we teamed up with local potters to make a shaving bowl that solves many wet shavers problems. We wanted a bowl that would fit in your hand comfortably. The bowl needed to have a sure grip for wet hands on the outside while still looking good at the same time. It needed to have a way to way to rest your thumb against a piece for another way to provide better grip and be for both left and right-handed grip. It needed to have ridges at the bottom to help the brush whip up the soap easier and more quickly. Then Finally, it needed to be deep enough but not so deep that your brush and fingers clank and bang against the sides.

This set includes:

  • Shaving Bowl 
  • 22mm Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Soap 

we present to you our shaving bowl, a culmination of all the good parts and none of the bad. We think this will be your shaving bowl of choice. They come in five colors Bisque, Wrought iron, Moss green, Sea Foam Green and Sage