Limited Edition Shaver's Gift Set

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Our Shaver's gift sets are great for the beginner shaver or seasoned pirate! The Shaver's Gift Set is a complete set for your favorite wet shaving supplies. We include everything you to start wet shaving all in a handsome gift set box ready to be gift wrapped.

You get the following:

  • 4oz shaving soap
  • 4 oz aftershave splash
  • 4.5 oz Bath Soap
  • Synthetic Shaving Brush

We curated the gift sets in your favorite scents like Black Beard,  Davy Jones, Peg Leg Nichols, Shiver Me Timbers, Thomas Tew & of Course we just had to add Everyone's favorite Wassail!

Don't be sorry and miss out on this year's limited shaving sets, Once their gone that's it for this year! Supplies are limited!

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