Whaler Shaving Brush 28mm Two Band Badger Brush Fancy Color

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Whaler 28mm Two band Badger Shaving Brush in the Fancy Color

This 46-gun vessel was one of the most formidable ships during the golden age of piracy, and was renowned for its speed.  Face lathers Beware , The Fancy is the brush you've been waiting for, is here. Our new Whaler shaving brushes are for you! Hand turned in a stout form, with a big punch. The Whaler will feel great in your hand while the big 28mm hand tied silvertip knot will feel luxurious on your face. You'll love face lathering with this brush. The creamy soft tips of the brush will help whip up a thick lather in no time flat. This brush in a stunning Orange and Black color  combine making for a one of a kind fearsome and stunning brush. 

  • 28mm Two Band knot
  • 50.8 mm high handle
  • 57mm loft
  • 114 mm overall length
  • 75 grams weight

As with all of our shaving brushes, your new Whaler Shaving Brush comes gift boxed with complete usage and care instructions, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kelly Hogan, and our exclusive one-year written warranty!


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