Secret Meetings

Secret meetings

Welcome My Friend, I was told by Tew that you would be coming. This Isn't a good place to be sharin secrets, the walls all have ears. We need to find a place that we can talk.

I will tell you that the Seven have convened. They will be meetin in a secret place now. We need Ye to find where they be hiding. there be one that walks funny with a peg leg.  follow him to the next meetin.  Tew will be tryin to get into the captains good graces. We hope he'll be able to get in on the meetin or at least with in earshot. He did say that he heard the one they call Peg Leg talkin in riddles and gibberish. Tew said what he heard he wrote down like this the Hat top: /face . I hope this makes sense for you. 

Ye need to seek out the another of the seven. see what they will tell you. Never trust them they be cunning an trixy i tell you. 

now go, before the others come back,