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Black Beard shaving soap-Mens shaving Soap- Handmade Soaps

  • $16.00 USD

Black Beard is our premium shaving soap by the Black Ship Grooming Co. Black Beard is our take on Bay Rum. If you're not a big Bay Rum fan you really need to try this one. Black Beard is the quintessential shaving soap scent, Bay Rum, with our twist. We add a touch of Lime, this makes it completely different from every other bay rum shaving soap. Our shaving soaps are true shaving soaps not bars of bath soaps with some clay in it. Besides clay has a grit to it that will dull razor faster and we'll all know how expensive those are.

A true shaving soap does will create a dense lather almost like yogurt, this lather is extremely dense. Shaving soaps have to be and the lather should be able to stay rich and full for a good fifteen minutes with out breaking down. The formula that I have created does that and more. Our soaps will provide lots of cushion and glide ( with out the need for clay). We have slickness like no other and the residual slickness is stellar. Do t take my word for it, try it and you feel the difference.

When the Pirates would come to port they would rub them selves with bay leaves to hide the smells from being out at sea for months at a time.This would make them more appealing to the ladies, everyone wants to have a little pirate in them. Check out our matching Aftershave splash and After shave balm

What you get:
4 oz of Black Beard Shaving Soap in a plastic Tub

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