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Dicey Pete Shaving Soap

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Steven S.
Never received my product

I really hate to leave a negative review, but I never received my complete order. I ordered 1 Stede Bonnet and 1 Dicey Pete. I received the Stede Bonnet, but never got the Dicey Pete. I have called twice and left messages and I have emailed and never got any response. Please send me the product I ordered and I will be glad to leave a product review on it. Thanks

Duane L.
Dicey Pete!

This stuff is great! I look forward to my morning shave and I love the scent!

James C.
Dicey Pete

This shave soap lathers very well. I was a big fan of Barnacle Bob and chose to try this scent. Dicey Pete smells great. I love Blackship and their products.

Awesomeness of this item

I love the scent of it, my lady friends are going to thank me for it

Robert A.
Dicey Pete Shave Soa0

What can I say. Dicey Pete is a awesome soap. The slickness and protection is spot on and you can't beat the scent. Definitely worth the purchase.

Andrew G.
Another winner!

Excellent lather and post shave feel as usual with Black Ship. Great scent profile as well Kelly!

Suave, Debonaire, all around sexy are some of the phrases used to explain the scent in Dicey Pete Shaving Soap. Sage, Mint, Woodsy, Vodka, Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Oakmoss round out this scent. 

Guys Let me tell you the ladies all love this scent. The soap base is our stellar shaving soap base that loads easily and creates mounds of volumus lather. Perfect for protecting your face while shaving. 

Dicey Pete was the name given by the winner of our 2020 Pirate Name contest,   ! We think it will represent him well this year. Dicey Pete will only live for one year and will retire next September! Get him while you can, The ladies will thank you.