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Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor with Bar

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Merkur Classic 1904/1906 Safety Razor with Bar

We wanted to offer some non-custom razors and picked two of the best companies. Merkur is synonymous with great shaving tools. From its inception in 1896 to today, Merkur has served their customers with quality and distinction, The Merkur Classic 1904/1906 Safety Razor with Bar is no exception. This is truly a traditional shaving instrument just like our grandfathers may have had. Some of the first safety razors from Gillette may have looked just like this one. Before selling you any of our shaving instruments, I Personally tried and own all of the instruments that I sell on this site. I Only want the best for our customers and this gives me the unique ability to tell you about the characteristics of each instrument. This one was love at first shave. The 104 Classic with safety bar is a smooth shaver. It's a very mild, non-aggressive razor that will give you a razor burn free shave. The short handle makes it easily maneuverable. It looks great and feels even better in the hand. Well balanced and not too heavy. The closed bar or closed comb means the safety bar touches your skin before the blade to protect your skin.

  • weighs 68 grams
  • 75mm handle length
  • 80mm total length

This beautiful chrome plated 3-piece designed Razor is an essential for your grooming regimen. You can quickly change your favorite D.E. blades by unscrewing the handle of traditional 3-piece design from the two head plates. Then simply screw handle back on the head plates and you're ready to go again at a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors. The faceted handle provides a sure grip while adding beauty, function and 1904 stylings to your bathroom.

Made in Solingen, Germany