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Port Royal Aftershave Spalsh

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I bought the shave soap first because it said it smelled like banana and coconut which I love. The soap scent was extra subtle. I could smell plastic. I thought it was just from the container so I didn't worry about it. When I used it I could smell the soap better so I bought the aftershave. The aftershave smelled like burnt plastic with a hint of banana and it made my face feel like it was on fire. I had to wash it off with a cold rag. There's always a little burn with the aftershave but it doesn't usually last. This was unbearable. I was a little disappointed with the shave soap, but I was highly disappointed with the aftershave considering I've been really pleased with previous purchases.

Port Royal Aftershave Splash

Smells like summer days at the beach!

FINALLY! An aftershave that not only makes my skin feel great, but has the approval of HH6! I've never done cologne, she almost never uses perfume and we prefer unscented deodorant. This means that most aftershave is verboten at our house. I've tried I don't know how many samples of Black Ship Splash and soap looking for one that fits our/my needs. See, The Black Ship products are my favorites from the standpoint of a smooth, comfortable shave (straight razor) and refreshing finish. These products are just OUTSTANDING. I've been waiting for a "clean, light scent" that completes the "shaving experience" nicely, then fades away leaving skin "happy". Port Royal Aftershave Splash is AWESOME!

Never disappointed

Great soaps and splashes, keep them coming ! Here's my collection so far ‍☠️‍☠️‍☠️

Kate C.
Great Father’s Day gift

My hubby is obsessed with everything black ship! Thank you!

Sail into Port Royal Aftershave 

 Take a walk on the wild side with Port Royal Aftershave. Inspired by the mysterious pirates of our past, this aftershave is for those who want to feel like real-life pirates—minus the pillaging and plundering. Enjoy this carefully crafted aftershave that will soothe and calm your skin while creating a cool barrier that protects you from razor burn and irritation. It is the perfect way to cool down and hydrate your skin on a hot summer day.

Inspired by the golden age of pirates, Port Royal is a scent that is as rich and mysterious as the Caribbean Sea. Think of it as your own personal treasure map to a swashbuckling adventure.

Black Ship Grooming Co. Aftershave is not only a great way to finish off your shave but it also can be used as a cologne or after-bath splash when you need to feel refreshed and cool. So treat your skin right with our traditional Aloe and witch Hazel-based Aftershaves.