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Shaving Cup

  • $24.00 USD

Black Ship Grooming Co. shaving cups are hand-thrown, ceramic cups made for specifically  for lathering our shaving soaps & creams

This hand-thrown shaving cup is a simple and elegant tool for the art of traditional wet shaving. The deeper cup helps to keep your lather warm longer while you create a rich lather. Our shaving cup has a wide opening so it’s easy to clean after each use. They make a great gift for the man in your life! 

This ceramic shaving cup is made to last through years of daily use. For best results, we recommend using a high-quality shaving brush with our artisanal shaving soaps.

Our shaving cup will make your shaving routine even more enjoyable. It's a great way to add a little luxury to your morning routine.


  • Partially glazed outsides for easier holding with slick hands
  • Thumb tabs for better grip
  • deeper cup design to hold your luxurious lather
  • Ceramic to help hold heat
  • The logo helps build lather but won't hold it for easier loading 
  • Hand Made in the USA 

Our Cups come in two colors  Blue Mahogany & Bisque, either one will look handsome on your sink. They make a great way to display your favorite shaving brush too!

Made in the USA by our skilled potters! Each shaving cup was hand thrown and will be slightly different, so no two are exactly the same. There can be slight differences in colors and sizes. 

Listing is for Shaving Cup Only Does not include a shaving brush

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