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Thomas Tew After Shave Splash for men, A Fresh Citrusy explosion of an aftershave splash 4 OZ by Black Ship Grooming Co.

  • $19.99 USD

thomas Tew is one of our handcrafted after shave splashes made in small batches using only the best ingredients. Our aftershave splash is designed to tighten, moisturize, & soothe your skin, It never dries. Try this and you'll find your skin soothed with just the right moisture. Never Greasy. Our aftershave area meant to pair perfectly with our matching shaving soaps! This is a premium after shave, unlike a lot of them that are just watered down alcohol we use premium ingredients that are not watered down. One use and you'll feel the difference.

Thomas Tew is a Citrusy After Shave with a smooth finish. A woody, amber-moss and spicy Bourbon and vanilla blend, this is a soft light scent that that will stay with you for hours. You'll find yourself putting this on just because you want to smell it again and again. Captain Davey Jones will give you that extra little kick with Menthol to help you wake up in the morning.

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