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Tortuga Aftershave

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Feel the Sweet Breeze blow in off the coast as you sit on the beach sipping your favorite drink. That's What Tortuga is, an oasis of sweetness! We formulated Tortuga to smell like Sweet Tea with it Sweet Floral Scents, Lemons and Mangos. A refreshing scent that will make you come back form more. 

Travel to Tortuga, have a relaxing shave and enjoy yourself!

We make each of  Premium aftershaves to provide the wet shaver with a top-notch post-shave experience. We formulated our aftershaves so that they will not dry out your skin. You get the bite, then the cool down with a longer-lasting scent. One try and We think you'll see the difference. 

Each of our Aftershaves come in our Handsome, frosted 4oz bottles. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, witch hazel, aloe, vitamin E, menthol, fragrance and Essential oils