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  • August's Pirate of the Month

      Who will be our pirate of the month for August?  This month's Pirate is someone that I've come to know quite well. This was an easy one for me to choose and I'm happy that they chose to honor our request to be the pirate of the month. What I have failed to add to these posts is my connection to... View Post
  • X Marks the spot!

    X has always marked the spot where Pirates hide their treasures. Whit out the X how would they know where it is. Our Captain has decided that he is going to hide his treasure to celebrate our tenth year in business!  So whats the treasure you ask, Well that's the best part. The captain has decide... View Post
  • July's Pirate of the Month

    Happy July Me Hearties, This month we have a new Pirate aboard the Black Ship. Let's see how he answers Captain Kelly's Questions. July's Pirate of the month is: Curtis George Capt. Kelly  How Long ago did you start wet shaving & Why?  Curtis: I started wet shaving three years ago after ma... View Post

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