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  • July's Pirate of the Month

    Happy July Me Hearties, This month we have a new Pirate aboard the Black Ship. Let's see how he answers Captain Kelly's Questions. July's Pirate of the month is: Curtis George Capt. Kelly  How Long ago did you start wet shaving & Why?  Curtis: I started wet shaving three years ago af... View Post
  • The Shaving Brush, Do you really need one?

    To answer this question we really need to look at what a shaving brush is and why you need one. Shaving brushes are more than a manly statement piece that you proudly display on your bathroom sink. They do so much more for you. A shaving brush is one piece of your shaving puzzle. So let's ge... View Post
  • Pirate of the Month

    This is a new post for us. We would like to share with our band of pirates who the band is. We think this will be a great way to get to know each other better. So without further ado,  Let's start the Q & A, Here is our very first Pirate of the Month.  June's Pirate of the month is  Darrell ... View Post