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See what our customers think about us! These are just some of our customer's reviews and feedback! You know what they say, 500 french men can't be wrong, well unless you don't like french men then ...... Well either way our customers can't be wrong!
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True to Its claims

Very pleased with the Peg Leg fellow. The reaction from the ladies is very positive!

Smells good.

A little splash is all you need.

Lasting smell

Smells really good and lasts all day. I got the siren’s song and my girlfriend is a huge fan

Ghost Ship After Shave Splash
Joe P
Great Scent

Surprisingly great sent and feels great as well.

Good weight and great shave

Somehow this razor (both the silver and black) have the perfect weight for me and give me a great shave. The black coating has held up well for a long time and the silver looks great too.

Best Christmas Gift

My wife surprised me for Christmas with a Royal Fortune Whaler Shaving Brush. The Shaving Brush is Superior. I am now a loyal customer for my Shaving needs from Black Ship Grooming. Thank You

It's nice...but,

I love BSG products and I want to like this one, but the apple component seems to overpower the other notes like the smoke and black pepper. And, it could last longer, like most of the other BSG scents that I have,

Great shave

Very comfortable shave, nice fragrance, I even bought one for my grandson, will purchase again thanks for a great product


Awesome sent. I love it.

Hearing the Siren's Song

And digging it! This is another of my purchases of Black Ship' s products; Cap'n Darkside is the other. Siren's Song is another sample of a great company's products. Great lather and scent, great after shave, and provides a great shave!

Excellent orange scent with right amount of spice

Very fresh, bright fresh orange scent with just enough spice for balance. A great choice.

Good SCent

The only issue I have (and it is my fault) is that shipping it in extreme heat is problematic. Glad that you guys taped the lid on it so well.

The Black Rose Aftershave Splash for men, 4 os Aftershave by the Black ship grooming co., moisturizing non-drying Artisan after shave

This is a lovely rose scent splash. It leaves your skin feeling great with a brilliant post shave feel. The scent is really nice & not what I would call feminine. Subtle yet smart sums it up.

Pleasant citrus smell

Very nice, summer after shave. It has become one of my favorites.

Captain's Pipe After Shave Splash
Sean G.
Arrived broken 😠

The package smelled great. Unfortunately the aftershave had broken during shipping. I know stuff like this happens, but I’ve sent two emails and haven’t had a response. Hope this is a one off, because I really like the products I’ve purchased this time and in the past.

Sean, We apologize for this and have sent out a replacement for you. We've been working out some kinks in our phone system that has been sending all calls to spam. We usually pick up if we're not with a customer already. Every customer is important to us and we will correct this for you.

Solid "Win"

Like many of you, I've tried A LOT of soaps and aftershaves after taking up wet shaving ( I went "all in" on it and have used a straight razor for at least 5 years now).. The hardest part after learning to use the razor, has been finding a really good soap (and Black Ship has been my favorite from the moment I tried their products) that didn't have a "heavy" scent.

My wife has a very sensitive nose, and barely tolerates even a simple scent and I'm not a fan of having "a scent". I was playing with making my own aftershave because of this, and found that some sort of scent is more or less necessary because of the ingredients in the base. This was extra frustrating because BSG aftershave base is also my runaway favorite. Thank Goodness for Port Royal! Light scent that fades quickly AND I get all the benefits of BSG soap and aftershave products.. HOW could that get better?

FREEBOOTER SHAVING SOAP! It's everything I'd hoped it would be!
Great lather, super smooth shave, easy rinse from the blade and all in a scent-free

Thank You Black Ship!!

Hello Brian,
I'm glad to see that Freebooter was hit for you. We try to cover all the bases and we understand that not everyone needs or wants to have a scented soap. 'Thank you for your feed back and we hope that you get a lot of great shaves!

Stay Savvy my friend,

Thomas Tew Shaving Soap
darren d.
Great scent

Love the citrus scent. Great lather. Love the new palm bowls!
Can also use wasail after shave with Tew shave soap.

Hello Darren,
thank you for the review. We're really excited to see that you like th enew palm bowls. It was our goal to get a functional jar when we set out to source our new shaving soap jars. we think the new hjars hit that mark and it's great to get your feedback on it.

Stay Savvy my friend,

Great lather. No scent allows you to wear any aftershave .
Love to new palm bowls!

Great scent

Love the citrus scent gotten to be my favorite!

Tortuga Aftershave
Joseph swint

Love the scent of Tortuga

Davy Jones After Shave Splash
Christopher Smith

The bottle at the top was cracked

Siren's Song...

More floral than I had in mind, that being said the scent is fresh and clean. Easy to wake up to in the morning. As with all Black Ship products I've used, it lathers wonderfully.

a cup of Joe for your face

I like to try new flavor each year and this been a pleasant one. Light coffee smell and great lather to get ship shape for the day.

Thomas Tew Shaving Soap
Derrek Tew
a standard in my rotation of shaving soaps

I truly enjoy this scent and soap and not just due to the name. the name drew me in, the quality of the product has kept me. the refreshing citrus smell and great shave I get with it keeps me coming back

Citrusnilla Beard oil
David Beer
A great oil

I ordered this beard oil because I needed something to help take care of my beard. Since using it nightly, my beard has softened (it used to be a bit more scraggly). The scent is great, both my wife and I love it.

She also pointed out that the mix for the beard oil can also be used to help the cuticles of my nails. Not sure if it’s done much for me, since I was my hands after, but that was a nice little bonus.