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See what our customers think about us! These are just some of our customer's reviews and feedback! You know what they say, 500 french men can't be wrong, well unless you don't like french men then ...... Well either way our customers can't be wrong!
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Great scent even better performance!

Wow! Scent not overpowering , but very nice, with just the right amount of menthol to give it a cool kick.

Pumpkin Awesomeness

This A/S is a must have for your seasonal collection, especially Halloween, the scent has this rich chocolaty, boozy, sweet thick syrupy heaviness in a good way scent, perfect for the fall and winter, has a similar vibe to dior intense for the frag heads, the soap has a totally different smell, it smells more Like a chocolate candle, sure because of the soap ingredients, great new masterpiece from Kelly, well done

Hello, Halloween!

This is the perfect bookend to the stellar shave soap, and it continues the deep, dark, boozy scent well into the 2-3 hour mark. This aftershave has great face feel and it calmed my freshly shaven face within minutes! I highly recommend!

Hello, Halloween!

The scent of "Drunken Pumpkin" is intoxicanting and decadent! It has a boozy, deep, dark essence to it that evokes an imagining of what 1600's Sleepy Hallow most likely would smell like! This newer soap base performs effortlessly and only a sliver of product is needed to produce a slick, voluminous, hearty portion of lather! this 4oz pour has great value! I highly recommend!

Be Careful!

First time user of the brand. Got this yesterday and used this morning. Love the scent, perfect mix of tobacco/smoke/amber. Exactly what I was hoping for. BUT, I followed directions and did not bloom soap, using only a wet tip brush. I promptly removed about a 1/4 of the soap onto my brush. So I don't know if this is supposed to be a cream instead of a soap, or if I got a defective tub. So, will let the tub dry for a few days and test the texture before trying again....

Hello Scott,
Our soaps are soft soaps it takes just a little soap to produce a great lather. We suggest to use less than your accustomed to using and will correct all of our listings to show this. Thank you for your review it’s helpful for us to improve our site and other customers.

Kraken Shaving Soap
Trevor D.
Fantastic scent and performance!

Another winner from Black Ship Grooming! You can’t go wrong with a simple, yet beautiful blend of lavender and peppermint. Such a refreshing scent with some added cooling from the menthol. This new base is excellent and highly underrated. Very happy with this release. Keep them coming!

Excellent fragrance

The Kraken is an interesting, complex fragrance. Another winner from Black Ship!

Kraken Shaving Soap
John T.B.
A Great Take on a Class of Fragrance!

I love that this is not your typical aquatic fragrance. It has a cool and sweet, minty fragrance to it. Nothing is too overwhelming; on the contrary, it it a wonderful experience that reminds you of why this artisan is so beloved. The new base is phenomenal as well! Thank you Black Ship Grooming!

Wassail Shaving Soap
Thomas J.D.
Love This Soap & Scent!!

This smells like Christmas in a tub!! Very warm and calming scent!! Soap creates awesome lather too!! Highly recommended!!

Beautiful Handle, Horrible Knot.

Kind of disappointed when I finally received this brush. I have to say it has a really beautiful handle, but the value of the brush is really reduced because of the synthetic knots that Kelly uses. Very sparse and too soft. No backbone at all. Wish I could have just ordered the handle and used my own knot.

My favorite sent

Tortuca is my favorite sent. It smells great and lathers up really good. Black Ship has the best products on the market as far as I'm concerned. You all are #1.

True to Its claims

Very pleased with the Peg Leg fellow. The reaction from the ladies is very positive!

Smells good.

A little splash is all you need.

Lasting smell

Smells really good and lasts all day. I got the siren’s song and my girlfriend is a huge fan

Great Scent

Surprisingly great sent and feels great as well.

Good weight and great shave

Somehow this razor (both the silver and black) have the perfect weight for me and give me a great shave. The black coating has held up well for a long time and the silver looks great too.

Best Christmas Gift

My wife surprised me for Christmas with a Royal Fortune Whaler Shaving Brush. The Shaving Brush is Superior. I am now a loyal customer for my Shaving needs from Black Ship Grooming. Thank You

It's nice...but,

I love BSG products and I want to like this one, but the apple component seems to overpower the other notes like the smoke and black pepper. And, it could last longer, like most of the other BSG scents that I have,

Captain's Reserve Shaving Soap
William P.
Great shave

Very comfortable shave, nice fragrance, I even bought one for my grandson, will purchase again thanks for a great product


Awesome sent. I love it.

Hearing the Siren's Song

And digging it! This is another of my purchases of Black Ship' s products; Cap'n Darkside is the other. Siren's Song is another sample of a great company's products. Great lather and scent, great after shave, and provides a great shave!

Thomas Tew After Shave Splash for men, A Fresh Citrusy explosion of an aftershave splash 4 OZ by Black Ship Grooming Co.
Frank C.
Excellent orange scent with right amount of spice

Very fresh, bright fresh orange scent with just enough spice for balance. A great choice.

Good SCent

The only issue I have (and it is my fault) is that shipping it in extreme heat is problematic. Glad that you guys taped the lid on it so well.

The Black Rose Aftershave Splash for men, 4 os Aftershave by the Black ship grooming co., moisturizing non-drying Artisan after shave

This is a lovely rose scent splash. It leaves your skin feeling great with a brilliant post shave feel. The scent is really nice & not what I would call feminine. Subtle yet smart sums it up.

Thomas Tew After Shave Splash for men, A Fresh Citrusy explosion of an aftershave splash 4 OZ by Black Ship Grooming Co.
David M.
Pleasant citrus smell

Very nice, summer after shave. It has become one of my favorites.