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Dry Beard Got You Down? Beard Oil is Here to Help

Dry Beard Got You Down? Beard Oil is Here to Help | Black Ship Grooming Co.

Winter is upon us, and for men, that means dry beard session has also arrived. The dreaded dry beard season. Dry, scratchy, flaking, cracking beard season. Lucky for you, Black Ship Grooming has a premium line of beard oil to tame your mane!


Avoiding the dry beard altogether

Before we get into it, we’d just like to mention that winter doesn’t have to mean dry beard session. Yes, we’ll take care of any issues for you, but we love our customers just as much as we love creating handmade, lightweight scents for our line of beard oil.

With these tips, your worries of dry beard will be gone forever:

  • Avoid harsh, chemical-filled soaps

  • Invest in a high-quality, natural beard soap

  • Add an essential oil (like tea tree) to your daily routine to reduce beardruff

  • Don’t over wash. No, this is not permission to get funky, just to maintain an acceptable balance.

Nourishing your skin while maintaining the natural oils your body produces is key in avoiding dry beard.


pre shave oil


Carrier oils are where it’s at

However, sometimes no matter how hard you try, dry beard just happens. Don’t worry, we got you. At Black Ship Grooming we understand that the carrier oils are where it’s at when it comes to timely and effective resolution. That’s why you’ll only find the best, most natural ingredients in our oils. Here’s a look -


  • Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba)

Native to the southern portion of the country, jojoba oil is produced from the Simmondsia chinensis, or simply the jojoba plant. The oil is known for its various healing properties for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Further, it helps with hair loss, dry hair, and dandruff. Need we say more?


  •  Avocado oil

Taming frizz with the ultimate moisture solution – avocado oil. With the numerous healthy properties in this oil, your beard will be revived, replenished, and strong as a clap of thunder.


  • Argan oil

Promoting beard growth, argan oil will help you achieve the manly luscious beard you dreamed of as a young lad.


  • Sweet almond oil

Lightweight, this oil quickly penetrates into the hair leaving no greasy, slimy mess behind. Besides smelling awesome, this oil also promotes growth and keeps beardruff at bay.



Don’t let dry beard ruin your winter, check out the line of beard oil from Black Ship Grooming. Our premium, lightweight formulas will have your mane tamed in no time! While you’re at it, visit our Facebook page for all the latest products and releases during our 12 days of Christmas Shavings! 

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