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Shaving Soap or Regular Soap? The Ultimate Debate

At Black Ship Grooming we’re obviously biased to shaving soap over the use of regular soap. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right? However, we’re backing up our theory in this article full of fun facts for you to absorb while sitting and sipping your rum (or coffee, water, tea, whatever the day holds for you).


Black Ship Grooming shaving soap is made by hand. Every time.

In a world more cautious about ingredients than ever before, knowing that your products are handmade provides peace of mind. Someone willing to take the time to carefully craft, hand-select ingredients, and package your product is serious not only about their products but their customers.


Fresh ingredients in your soap are as important as a fresh salad.

You’ve gone out to a restaurant and were served a salad to start the meal. However, the lettuce is wilting and turning brown, the cucumbers are mush, and the carrots are rubbery – no thanks.

Now, you’re in the local convenience store checking out the wide array of boxed soap lining the aisle. With promises of sensitivity protection and ultimate hydration, which one do you choose? None of them – they’re all formulated with massive amounts of chemicals and preservatives. Two very broad terms that allow the product to remain in tiny little boxes for months and look brand new.

Fresh versus canned – we’ve all heard it before.


Lathering has never been easier.

While the purpose of regular soap is to attack the dirt, shaving soap is to make a lather. Shaving means running a sharp blade over the surface of your skin (duh). Now, consider the protection you’ve been offered against that blade – regular soap which creates a thin film, or shaving soap that creates a stable, hydrating barrier. Seems obvious to us.


Shaving soap is fancy.

Let's face it; who doesn’t like to get a little fancy sometimes? No, we’re not talking about glitter and glamour, we’re talking about a container for your soap. Yes, it’s that simple. Think about it – you’re in the shower or at the sink and you have a bar of commercialized soap. How many times has your soap slipped from your hands and fallen to the drain? Probably too many to count.

With shaving soap, you no longer have the slippery soap battle. No, those days are long gone. Our soap comes in a handy little plastic tub that won’t rust, slip, and stores with ultimate ease.


Of course we could go on for hours about why the shaving soap from Black Ship Grooming is far superior to commercialized options, but we’re figuring you may need a refill on the rum by now.

Be sure to check out our extensive line of handmade soaps here at Black Ship Grooming! Until next time!

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