A tale of two brushes

There once were two shaving brushes that wanted to be the best shaving brushes they could be. Well, I have to say that one is and the other… Not so much!

While at a local store, I came across a shaving set, a very cheap set I must add. It had a brush that looked to be a badger brush, stand, mug and a cake of shaving soap. Now I’m the curious kind and I had to know how good this little kit was. So, you guessed it. I purchased the kit, I’m a sucker like that. Honestly, I had to check out the competition. I couldn’t wait to get home and open this shiny new treasure trove of goodies.

We’ll let’s just say this, I needed a new mug. As far as the brush, I was eh. The soap smelled nice, but, I have yet to use it. The stand was ok but didn’t fit my Double Edge Shaver with their brush. So I would say it’s an Ok stand but it’s not gonna win anyone over anytime soon.

So let's talk about the brush, I mean that is what were her for isn’t it. So here goes. I said in an earlier post. When buying a brush you want to invest in a brush that’s a good quality brush.

Boar Hair Brush
Cheap Dyed Boars Hair Brush

Like anything you buy in life you’ll spend good money for quality items. A lot of people buy a cheap item expecting great results, That’s rarely the case. So I pose this to you, If you want to get into wet shaving why wouldn’t you invest a little money up front.

Take this kit, it had a brush in it. I’m not sure what the brush would be good for other than shedding hairs all over and your face and in your shaving soap.

Do you know how frustrating it is to pick out all the little hairs that were not grown by you from your freshly lathered face? Let's suffice to say that I was a salty pirate.

So holding the brush it looks nice enough, it has a lot of backbone to it. For those that are new to wet shaving, backbone means stiffness of the hairs. This brush could put your eye out, maybe that’s why so many pirates have eye patches……Hmm.

Oh Sorry, I was day dreaming there. Ok back on track, well take a look at this photo of the brush. What was suppose to be a badger brush was actually a Boar hair brush that was dyed to look like badger hair. After further inspection of the box, I found that it stated that it was a Boar hair brush. Now I really didn’t have high hopes for this brush. I had a brush that was given to me by my father when I first started to shave. It's too was a boar hair brush. I used it only a handful of times and really didn’t like that fact that it was quite limp for a lack of a better term. This brush is the same way.

I haven’t found any boar hair brushes that weren’t like this. One of the major problems I found with this brush was that it shed worse than a long haired dog before summer. I had so many hairs left on my face from the brush, that I thought the brush was deteriorating as I used it. The above picture is shown after the initial wash of the brush and then first and only use.

BWW Badger Hair Shaving Brush

My Personal Shaving Brush, a silver tip badger hair brush with custom short Gray Acrylic Handle in the barrel form.
This brush is my personal brush of three years now. It’s a silver tip badger hair brush 24mm. It was one of the first brushes that I made. I use it every day and love this brush. It holds hot water like a sponge and it will whip up a lather in no time short.
If your thinking about getting into wet shaving take a look at your options before you lay down some hard earned cash for something that will never live up to your expectations and may even turn you away.

The brush to the left is a great brush for someone that is going to start wet shaving. If a silver tip is too expensive I would suggest that you look at a Pure black or a Best grade Badger hair brush. Take a look in my shop to see some of the options that I have for you. Check out our shaving brush shop

In my next post, I’ll show you a video of both brushes being used so you can compare for yourselves. Stay tuned my salty sea dogs, Keep calm and shave on!

Boars hair brush in the front and a silver tip badger hair brush behind it.
Boars hair brush in the front and a silver tip badger hair brush behind it.
Badger hair brush by BWW compared to another brand Boars hair
Badger hair brush by BWW compared to another brand Boars hair
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