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High Seas Shaving Soap

  • $16.00 USD

High Seas Ahead Matie! 

Our new Limited Edition soap base is here! This new soap base has crafted with some moisture-rich ingredients like argan oil, lanolin, and sunflower oil to name a few. We think your face will thank you!

Now the Scent on High Seas is a right masculine pirate scent. Imagine sailing in rough waters, getting splashed with the salty sea waves, and the smell of the wood from your ship. If you can imagine it, we have brought this to you.

We crafted High Seas from a storm of salty sea air mixed ocean spray and cypress. Be careful not to get washed overboard when you’re on the high seas, my friend! Ye be warned!

Get the Matching Aftershave to complete your High Seas Shave, you find it here

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel T.
Another Great Product

This was my first purchase of High Seas soap & aftershave. After 5 shaves I can say it’s another winner. Great lather and scent. I have sensitive skin, and like all other Blackship products I use there is no irritation at all from High Seas.

Lee H.
High Seas Shaving Soap

This is the most refreshing soap I have ever used.

Murray H.
High Seas Shaving Soap

High Seas has a pleasant fresh ocean scent provides a very slick lather and finishes with an amazing post shave feel. A real pleasure to shave with.

Christopher B.
High Seas Shave Soap

This shave soap is the best I've used. It provides a great lather and smooth shave. The scent is amazing but not overpowering. Very impressed with my first order from Black Ship.

Hi Christopher, This is what we love to hear! We're really happy to see you like everything

Fine lather, great shave, but awesome scent

This soap lathers well, and it shaves slick, but the best thing about it is the scent. Smells like the open ocean, like you're on a charter trip to catch that one big marlin and get it. What a scent. Even if it didn't lather well, I'd use it just for the scent. If I could give it more stars I would.

Daniel J.
Good soap

Smells salty like the seas. Exactly what I was looking for. enjoyable scent, great lather.

J. Carr
Excellent aquatic scent with great performance...

High Seas is unquestionably an aquatic scent. It does however have a bit of complexity, which I like in an aquatic. The performance of this soap is very, very good...plenty of slick, protective lather. The scent reminded me a bit of Bleu De Chanel. But, like most aquatic scents, you could pair it with just about any aftershave in your den. Will enjoy using this!