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Aftershave: The Questions and The Answers

What is aftershave? Is it really needed? When do I apply it? How much do I use? Does it sting?

The questions around aftershave are endless. That is why our team from Black Ship Grooming is here to set the record straight. We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions concerning aftershave and its process, piled them into this article, and, yes, we’re answering them for you too. Enjoy!


What is aftershave?

Even the roughest pirates like smooth skin and that’s where aftershave enters the scene. Formulated to protect and heal, this product will help moisturize while cooling the burn of shaving.


Is it bad not to use this product?

Of course it is! No, we’re just kidding. Aftershave is a preference, but once you try it, you’ll be wondering why you ever hesitated. Dry, itchy, irritated, razor-burned skin is put to rest with the amazing powers of aftershave. But hey, if you don’t mind being uncomfortable, by all means, bypass the step.


How (and when) do I correctly apply aftershave?

As the name implies – after you shave – is when you want to apply. You don’t need much – just a splash or two to calm the storm.


Why do so many movies show kids screaming when applying their dad’s aftershave?

Aaahhhh good ole Hollywood. Here’s the problem – many aftershave products are formulated with an alcohol base. Irritated skin, razor burn, possible nicks – then apply alcohol. We think you get the picture.

Lucky for you, you’ve discovered Black Ship Grooming. Our products will never create drama. With ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, and witch hazel, you’ll get the relief you’re looking for without the burn.


 men's aftershave

What’s in Black Ship Grooming’s aftershave that makes it so awesome?

Besides the natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, our product line will take the funk out of the stale ship. From the popular Captain’s Reserve to newly introduced Christmas Cannons, there’s a scent for every man and every season.


And there you have it. The top five questions and the answers. We hope you found this helpful, but if not, here’s how to find us –


Black Ship Grooming


At Black Ship Grooming, we have all of your shaving needs covered. From handmade 32 pounder to the top of line variety of aftershaves, we have what your skin needs.

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