August's Pirate of the Month - Black Ship Grooming Co.

August's Pirate of the Month

 Who will be our pirate of the month for August? 

This month's Pirate is someone that I've come to know quite well. This was an easy one for me to choose and I'm happy that they chose to honor our request to be the pirate of the month. What I have failed to add to these posts is my connection to them. So setting forth I plan on posting that as well.  With that, let's dig into how I know this months pirate as well as his connection to the Black Ship Grooming Co.

A couple of years ago when I was still known as The Beaver woodwright, I was messing around on facebook. I had fallen away from posting much on Facebook. I also was in the midst of the process of changing my company's name. I received a lot of flack from family and friends about changing the name but I still felt that it was the right thing to do and it was the right time. 

So I went back to Facebook and made a vague Pirate post "who was on board the pirate ship". This decision had bothered me and I really wasn't sure if this was the right decision.  I decided to try this vague comment out as a test.  the purpose was to dip my toes into the waters so to say and see how it would be treated.  

The result of the post was purely refreshing and quite the opposite dread that I thought was coming my way. One of the Comments was from this month's Pirate. It stated, "Peg Leg, Captain". Everyone that commented had picked a pirate name and some even posted their position on the post. Out of that simple post, our name change was cemented and one of our soaps eventually became named after him. 

August's Pirate of the monthLet us introduce Matthew "Peg Leg" Nichols!  Let's start the Q&A. 

Why & how long ago did you start wet shaving?


Matthew: I was looking for a better way to shave and was into podcasts.  I found the HTGAM podcast and started listening, and that was how I fell down the rabbit hole.

what got you into wet shaving:

Matthew: I was tired of the prices of cartridge razors and the constant irritation from the shaves.  Also, there wasn’t any variety in the scents that were offered.

What is the most surprised you the most when you started wet shaving?

Matthew: The sheer amount of gear that was available for such a niche industry/hobby.  Also, everyone I met was willing to help and offer advice.  Everyone was so cool, no matter how long they’d been shaving.

If you could have only one razor, what would it be and why?

Matthew: It would be my iKon 101.  It was one of my first razors and also a gift from my wife.

Are you a face lather or bowl lather? why do you like to face or bowl lather?

Matthew: I lather both styles.  Usually I face lather since I find it easier and it saves time.

What is your favorite type of DE shaver?

Matthew: My iKon 101 is my favorite DE razor.

Do you have a favorite shaving brush? if so what is it & why do you prefer it over the others?

Matthew: I don’t really have a favorite brush, but I do prefer silvertip badger.  I get the best lather results with that type of knot

What type of scents do you like?

Mattthew: I like cologne scents or masculine fruit scents.  I also like scents that are reproductions of old-school scents or current popular scents.

What is your favorite scent?

Matthew: Pirates Bay and Peg Leg Nichols are my favorite Black Ship soaps, and Stirling sandpiper and B&M Cool are a couple others I really enjoy.

What did you shave with today?

Matthew: I shaved with 7 doubloons.  A great soap with a really nice apple scent.  

If you were a Pirate Captain what would you name your boat?

Matthew: My ship would be named The Destroyer.

What would your pirate name be and why would you choose that name?

Matthew: I’d be called Peg Leg Nichols, I’d be a jack of all trades and ships mascot.

Tell us something about you that we don't know?

Matthew: I’m related to Neil Armstrong on my mother’s side. (editorial: this actually really cool!) 

What is your day Job?

Matthew: I’m a professional chef, currently the head chef of my local Kroger.  I’ve cooked for the president of Kroger a couple times.

We would like to thank Matthew for taking the time to talk to use and for being our Pirate of the month. If you have any questions that you would like to see asked in our next pirate of the month feature, Post them below. Who knows you may be the next victim.....err I mean Pirate of the month, Savvy!


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Hey Matthew! Great interview! Let’s not forget that in addition to being a big fan of BSGC you’re also a Steelers fan! All good things coming from the Burgh!


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