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Captain Scurvy on Deck Ye Shaving Land Lubbers

Captain Scurvy on Deck Ye Shaving Land Lubbers | Black Ship Grooming Co.

Attention all you scallywags there's a new Captain on Board!

Meet the newest Captain in our line-up, That's Captain Scurvy to you land lubbers. He a rather stylish Captain that smells great. With a refreshing mixture of Limes, Sandalwood, and Vanilla, it's a scent that will make all the lassies swoon for You.

How did we come to the name Captain Scurvy, Well it's a good story? Gather close me hearties as I explain how the good Captain came about. We were looking for a new Captain to set sail in our fleet. We checked with the masses on several Facebook forum members. A contest was held to see who would be able to name the good Captain. We were lucky that one member, James Gehrke stepped forth stating that Captain Scurvy would be a great pirate Captain! So all our mates put it to a vote to see if he would be the chosen one. After several days of heated Parley, Captain Scurvy was voted to be our newest Captain!


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