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How to make a Fougere Shaving Soap Scent

What do you get when you mix two wet shavers together with a penchant to make a new scent, A Fougere! Not your ordinary Fougere though. I had an opportunity to work with Chad Irish on a completely new Fougere scent. Chad ordered a scent from my store that just wasn't for him. So I asked him what type of scent was it that he liked. What was it that really peaked his interests? Chad's reply to my dismay was "A good Fougere!"

Ok now I have to admit, I wasn't a Fougere person. I feel that everyone's nose is a little different than the next one. Now my nose has a tendency to like the fruits and not the greener notes that are in a Fougere. So I made a proposal to Chad, How about we make a Fougere, together!  

Green Fern found in Philip Fougere Shaving Soap and Aftershave

Once I had a few options I would send the tester to Chad. He would live with the scent for a while then give me his feedback and opinions. I would take out the bad and replaced it with a better alternative. This was a slow process but a necessary one. Over the course of next few months, I found out what it was that Chad liked and disliked. Like mad scientists ( without the creepy lacky I must say) began the journey of Fougere discovery. The first attempt was ok but was too floral. It was really bordered on a feminine scent. So back to the drawing board.

We finally agreed on one that is different from the rest. The Profile is Scottish

Philip Fougere Green Grasses and Sea scents found in our new shaving soap

grasses surrounded by forests of Firs, touched with oakmoss and ferns. Then highlighted with delicate fields of lavender blooms.When first applied you smell the green earthy notes, which fade off to lighter scents of ferns and oakmoss that give way to Lavender. When you shave you'll pick up this blend as it fills the room with the warm scent. Then after your shave, treat yourself to a little splash. The scent of Philip's Fougere will stay with you long after you apply it.

FernNow I have to say that Chad Irish is a humble man. I wanted to honor his contribution to the scent. I offered to name it after him, He politely told me that he would like to name it after his Grandfather Philip. HE sent me a photo of his grandfather, which I, in turn, sent to my artist to have drawn. I asked that he be drawn as a suave, debonair man which she did to perfection. This is how Philip's Fougere came to be, I think you'll agree that it's been a great collaboration and dedication. 

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Still wondering when Philip’s Fougere will be coming back? Any chance of that happening sooner than later? :-)

Richard Burton

When will Phillip’s Fougere be coming back? I really want to purchase some shave soap and aftershave splash! Any way to make an EDP as well?

Richard Burton

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