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Pirate of the Month

This is a new post for us. We would like to share with our band of pirates who the band is. We think this will be a great way to get to know each other better. So without further ado,  Let's start the Q & A, Here is our very first Pirate of the Month. 

June's Pirate of the month is 

Darrell Cherry 

Pirate of the MonthDarrell Cherry: 2002 Capt Kelly: How long ago did you start wet shaving

Capt Kelly: If you could have only one razor, what would it be and why?

Darrell Cherry: If I could only keep one razor it would be a vintage Gillette Tech fat handle. For me, this is the smoothest, most efficient and comfortable razor on my shelf. I've NEVER nicked myself with it...not even once.

Capt Kelly: Are you a face lather or bowl lather? why do you like to face or bowl lather?

Darrell Cherry: Actually, I typically lather off of the soap puck, right in the container, and then finish up on my face. I like the feeling on the skin of the bristles and the exfoliation they provide.

Capt Kelly: What type of scents do you like?

Darrell Cherry: My favorite scents are typically citrus, followed closely by sweet tobacco flavors, and then complex wood. I prefer straightforward scents to the overly complex. A soap is a hit for me if I can quickly pick out what the main scent is supposed to be.

Capt Kelly: What is your favorite scent

Darrell Cherry: Well, not just because this is a Black Ship questionnaire, but my Favorite scent/soap is Captain Scurvy. In the citrus arena Lime is my all-time favorite, and when combined with Sandalwood it is off the hook!

Capt Kelly: What did you shave with today?

Darrell Cherry: Today I shaved with Uncle Jon's "Juiced." This one is always a pleasure because the match to Juicy Fruit is so exact that it always floods my shave with memories of being a kid.

Capt Kelly: If you were a Pirate Captain what would you name your boat?

Darrell Cherry: If I was a Pirate Captain I would name my boat "Wolfsbane"

Capt Kelly: What would your pirate name be and why would you choose that name?

Darrell Cherry: My pirate name would be "Grey Wolf", because, though frequently misunderstood, wolves are extremely smart, work well in groups, create lasting bonds, and are very stealthy.

Capt Kelly: Tell us something around you that we don't know?

Darrell Cherry: Hmm, I'm a bit of a clean freak and an anti-packrat, which makes it hard to keep too much shave stuff around!

Capt Kelly: what is your day Job?

Darrell Cherry: I am a project manager for an Architectural glass manufacturer.

We would like to thank Darrell Cherry for taking the time to talk to us, We think this is a great way to get to know our fellow crew members.  What do you think of our interview? Let us know if you have any pressing questions for Darrell or upcoming pirates. 


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I like this idea. Nice to get to know one another. A question to Darryl would be what advice can you give to new wet shavers?

Michael Burda

Awesome addition to the page. I have talked to Darrel many times but never about Darrel.


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