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Shaving Soap and Pirate Cannons, Yes We’re Putting Them Together



Pirates were adventurers. Bold and fearless, they took to the open waters with one mission in mind – to better their current position. Much like the mission here at Black Ship Grooming. Here, we are men. We are men who shave with boldness yet look for ways to make shaving life better. Shaving soap is one of those ways. Much like the cannon to the pirate, our shaving soap comes in variety and provides the ultimate solution.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the pirate cannon and why these hearties were known as firearms masters.


On land versus the sea

Different from the practices we’re accustomed to, the cannon had many different names to the pirate. When on shore, the cannon was referred to as a cannon. However, when at sea, the cannon became a gun. Likewise, the cannonball was no longer that, but instead, a shot.


Variety is the spice of life

Since the lingo was different, why would the weaponry be any different? Unlike warships, a pirate ship was armed with a wide variety of cannons. Due to the fact that most were stolen, having a fleet of matching cannons was near impossible. Because of the variety of cannon, there were several different calibers and kinds of ammunition as well.

No, it wasn’t just cannon balls that were shot from the ships, pirates are more creative than that! One of our favorites, as documented by the History Channel, is the chain shot. Think of a cannonball, now shrink it to fist-size. Now, take two of those balls and connect them by a heavy metal chain. When loaded and shot through the cannon, the chain shot would extend in the air allowing a wrapping effect once the target was hit. Because of the force, when the chain shot wrapped around its target, it would often snap it in half.

Now don’t get grossed out here thinking pirates were aiming for the kill. In fact, their mission was quite the opposite. A pirate’s goal was not to sink the passing ships but to stop them by attacking their sails. Once stopped, the crew would board and take the passing ship’s booty for themselves.


 shaving supplies


Like pirates, we’re always looking for new ways to extend our loot here at Black Ship Grooming. With Black Friday around the corner, you won’t want to miss the latest shaving soap release! This limited edition includes moisture-rich ingredients like argan and sunflower oils, and will have you headed to decks to shoot off the cannons (yes, we dropped a little hint right there).

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