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The Shaving Brush, Do you really need one?

To answer this question we really need to look at what a shaving brush is and why you need one.

Synthetic Badger Hair Shaving Brush
Shaving brushes are more than a manly statement piece that you proudly display

on your bathroom sink. They do so much more for you. A shaving brush is one piece of your shaving puzzle. So let's get right to it then.

When you shave you need to apply your soap, cream or foams ( Ugh, I did say just the F**m word) in a manner that will help raise the hair while dispersing the soap. Now I know what you're saying to yourself, That's what my hand is for.  Yes, technically you could do that but there are reasons that are actually not the best way of applying your soap. Besides no self-respecting pirate would do that. You could take an eye out with your hook!

Brushes will help add moisture and air to your soap, which in turn will make your lather thicker. A brush will help to raise hairs instead of pushing or laying them flat against your skin. Some brushes can even offer some exfoliation. Try that with your hands without massive callouses and a pumice stone! 

Shaving brushIf you really think about it, when you apply soap with a brush instead of your hand you're able to coat the hairs with your soap. The hairs will stand up making it easier to cut. The hair will be surrounded by moisture which has the added benefits of making the hair softer and less brittle. This alone will make your shaving experience less irritating. 

As you can see, just using a shaving brush can greatly improve your overall shaving experience.  Shaving should be just that, an experience that you look forward to taking!

in our next post, we'll talk about the types of shaving brush hairs that you can buy these days. If you want to take a peek at our offerings you can see them here: Black Ship Grooming Co's Shaving Brushes

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