X Marks the spot! - Black Ship Grooming Co.

X Marks the spot!

X has always marked the spot where Pirates hide their treasures. Whit out the X how would they know where it is. Our Captain has decided that he is going to hide his treasure to celebrate our tenth year in business! 

X is coming by the black ship grooming co!So whats the treasure you ask, Well that's the best part. The captain has decided that the winner of our treasure hunt will win TEN soaps and aftershaves from our collection. This can be any combination of soaps and splashes. This is a prize total of $345.00. Now that's nothing to shake a stick at. So how do get to enter the treasure hunt?  There's only one way to join in. Purchase your X soap and you'll be on your way. Be warned there are other pirates trying to get to your loot first. Get there before they do, First to the loot takes all the booty!

This is going to be a treasure hunt, unlike anything you have ever been on. Check our social media posts, there could be clues posted there from time to time. The captain has been hard at work to make this truly one for the ages. With all the twists and turns We think you're going to have fun with this one but you can't start until you make your MARK 

X marks the Spot shaving soaps and splashes by black ship grooming co

Join in the Treasure hunt, Be the first to find the captain's Loot!

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