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X marks the spo,t Savvy
A Captain is a suspicious man! He be overhearing some of the other mates caterwauling about a treasure the cap'n squirreled away. Now being a right suspicious man that he be, he set out to hide his treasure. He's taken his treasure far and away, Hiding it from those scoundrels and scallywags he calls his crew. The captain was overheard saying that he's made sure that no one will find it. The Cap'n left clues so he can retrieve it later for himself. If only you can find one. 


Now we do not want to leave ye out, So here's what I know. 


One of the crew said he saw the captain filling one of his chests with the loot he took from the Black Ship Grooming Co., Boatswain Rodgers, told that scoundrel first mate Wills that the Captain had ten new shaving soaps and aftershaves locked away in his cabin and now they be gone! Wills was heard squawking about that he saw with his one good eye, the cap'n leaving in his dingy during the night with a chest. 


Alas, can ye really trust a scoundrel like Wills? We be finden out soon enough if that landlubber Wills is actually telling the truth. Maybe we can make him talk a little more. We'll let ye know what he be saying, but we cant meet here no more. I'll send ye a coded message in a few days time. Leave yer mark below and keep ye eyes looken for Ye Email bottles. If ye have one wooden eye then don't be blinkin. 

                                                                                           T. Tew

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