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New Releases

We are restructuring our scent lineups for 2022-2023! We will now have a core lineup of scents with limited editions and seasonal scents. See the list below for the upcoming scent release dates.

This is our tentative schedule for our seasonal scents. Releases will start at 12:00 AM Eastern Time

July (2023) Scallywag 

July: Kraken 

Fall: Empress of the Seas, Madame Cheng (TBA)

Halloween Scent: The Pumpkin Reaper (TBA)

Christmas 2023: Jacob Marley 

 All Christmas Scents will stop being sold on January 31st 2024

2024 Scents:

Anne Bonny (TBA)

Nassau (TBA)

Sea Witch (TBA)

Empress of the Seas, Madame Cheng (TBA)
The Following Scents will be leaving port This Year 

Show Dates: Come out and see us!

Christmas in the Woods  Columbiana, Ohio 44408- October TBA