The Black Spot

A Marked Man Ye Be

We decided to set off to uncharted waters on the facebook forums.  We wanted to see who we could name to have their chance to get our newest release, The Black Spot three days before it's offered to anyone else! Well my friends Ye be the ones!

As luck would have it you were marked for Davy Jones Locker in the East Coast Wet Shavers group, by fellow members and now ye have three days, starting today
to get ye very own set before anyone else can get their crab claws on it. The scent on this one is really great, Our blend of Bergamot, clary sage, apple, peppermint, vetiver and black musk

Click below and secure your limited release before those lilly livered Land Lubbers try to take ye treasure.

Did I mention that once we sell out of the Black Spot, that will be it! Click below to get yours!