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Blade Bank

Blade Bank

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Blade Bank

If you use Double Edge safety razor blades you need this blade bank. How do you safely dispose of the old used blades?

You don't want to get cut or let others get cut. We picked this bank because it's easy to drop the used blade right in the top of the bank. you can store hundreds of blades in these compact metal Banks.

Once it's filled you can toss it in the garbage or recycle can. it safe and easy. A cheap easy way to store your blades safely!

This economical blade safe is great for storing used blades. The little extra surprise with this bank is that it has a removable bottom. Plenty of room for a large number of blades. Store those used blades safely!

This product was formerly white, but has been replaced with a sleek black finish and is imprinted with a white razor blade icon.

Height: 2 in.
Length: 2.5 in.
Width: 1.75 in.
Blade Slot: 2.24 in.



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