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Cap'n Dark Side Shaving Soap

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Can You Handle The Dark Side of shaving?

Cap'n Dark Side is here & he's going to take your shaving den by force. We blended Leather, ozone, blackberry, amber, and ginger to make this dark soap! Are you strong enough to resist the dark side's force, Only time will tell.?

  • Each batch of our artisan shaving soap is made by hand. We make each one in small batches so we can use the freshest ingredients to provide you with the very best quality shaving soap that you can get.
  • Our soaps protect your face from nicks and razor burn by creating a superior slickness that will help keep your razor gliding smoothly across a thick rich cushion of lather
  • Every soap is 4ozs and comes in our 6 oz plastic jar so you can store them with ease and whip up your lather without making a mess.
  • Our special plastic tubs feel great in your hands and won't rust if you're a shower shaver.
  • You don't need a lot of soap to get a great shave. Our soaps could be used from 4 to 6 months depending on how you load your brush. 

How to use: Do not bloom our soaps. Run your shaving brush under hot water then swirl your wet brush tips over the soap till you load the desired amount of soap. Then simply brush your soap onto your face. You're ready to for a great shave. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, water, glycerine, fragrance and essential oils. 

All shaving soaps are 4 oz net weight

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nicholas P.
Slicker than owl snot!

It was a wonderful experience! The lather was quick and easy to achieve. It was nice and slick on the face providing a great smooth shave. The smell is very hard to describe. The combination of smells are leather, ozone, blackberry, and ginger. I would never in a million years be able to pick out any of these with a blind sniff. It reminds me of a car freshner spray called ozium. It kind of has a new car scent too that would be hanging from the mirror of a car. Not a bad thing and just my opinion. I'm sure other people nose would pick up different underlying notes than my own. It smells great! It's a very different smell but a pleasant smell.

Dustin W.

First) it’s worth noting that I was introduced to this scent after purchasing (Shipwreck) aftershave “Another Epic Scent”, I received a aftershave sample of (Cap’n Dark Side) with my purchase and instantly knew I wanted more of it! It’s an incredibly fresh scent. I can pick up on the leather with a hint of ginger and rounds out with a sweetness from the blackberry, It’s just an amazing scent! And to top it off with this purchase I got a sample of (Blackbeard) which is my favorite bay rum rendition to date! To sum it up- You Can’t go Wrong! Just order one!

Brian G.
Top Notch Scent

This, like all my other BSG aftershaves is a fabulous post-shave. And Kelly is a master of scents! This is a very good cologne style scent

Strong Scent

This is a pretty strong scent that was not quite for me but I can see a lot of people enjoying fro a masculine leather type scent.

Cap'n Dark Side Shaving Soap

All I can say is wow! I didn't think anything could pull me away from Captain Joe but I was drawn to the dark side. Cap'n Dark Side smells absolutely amazing and somewhat addictive. The lather is the same as all BSG soaps (Rich and Creamy) Definitely my favorite at this time and I highly recommend joining the Dark Side. You will not be disappointed.

Mark B.
Cap'n Dark Side Shaving Soap

This was the first soap I bought from BSG, got it on kind of a whim. I'd never heard of the brand but loved the pirate concept, not only did Cap'n Dark Side smell amazing but the lather and shave were amazing .

Cap'n Dark Side Shaving Soap

Probably my favorite of the BSG soaps I've used. I think this just barely wins out over Captain's Reserve. Lather is excellent, just like the other BSG soaps.
The smell is unique and amazing. The predominant smell I associate with this soap is the smell after a heavy rainstorm during the summer, when it is still wet and the air is thick. Maybe it is the ozone. Combine that with some sweetness, and some "masculine" notes and you have a wonderful scent that is powerful, yet not overpowering. To me, it is a very "natural" and not a "fake" or "artificial" or "manufactured" type of cologne smell.
The first week I would be tempted to open the jar and take a whiff while in the bathroom. It can be addicting.