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Captain Scurvy Shaving Soap

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Captain Scurvy, is on deck! No, don't worry he doesn't have scurvy... He's a tantalizing blend of Lime, Sandalwood, and Vanilla. This blend smells great together, no self-respecting pirate would want to leave port without him.

Each batch of our artisan shaving soap is made by hand. We make each one in small batches so you have some of the very best shaving soap that you can get. Our shaving soaps will help protect your face from nicks and razor burn by providing you a thick, rich cushion for your razor to glide on. Our soaps offer superior slickness that will help keep that smooth feel as your razor glides on a protective cushion.

Every soap comes in our 6 oz plastic jar so you can store them with ease and whip up your lather without making a mess.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin

Customer Reviews

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Franklin K.
A great soap for a wonderful shave

I've tried a couple of Kelly's after shaves, all great, and decided to try his soaps. I was not disappointed.

This has a pleasant aroma and whips into a slick slick lather which doesn't dry out. This is a wonderful shaving soap I'd recommended to anyone. Once I'm done with this I will buy more.

Kevin S.
Captain Scurvy Rules

This shave soap is great. Lather, scent, it’s the real deal.

J. C.
Sandalwood and Vanilla with a hint of Lime!

The scent of this soap really grew on me. At first I thought it was ok...not great, but ok. But the more I used it, the more I wanted to use it. I've found in the past that scents like that are the ones that end up in your permanent rotation. In my opinion, the sandalwood and vanilla are the stronger notes in the scent. The lime is very faint, just presenting itself enough to add a little character to the sandalwood and vanilla. I was never thrilled with sandalwood scents. Generally speaking, sandalwood on its own, unless it's a very subdued sandalwood can be overwhelming. But Black Ship has taken sandalwood and masterfully blended it with a smooth vanilla and touched it with just a hint of lime. Nicely done. This soap is now my personal go-to sandalwood soap.

One other note...I currently have two Black Ship soaps in my collection, Captain Scurvy and Thomas Tew. Both are top notch in scent and performance. Both lather very easily and very plentifully. Both provide good protection. The picture I provided is one that I recently posted to Badger & Blade...kit for my daily shave.

Thank Ye J. That be a right fine shave set up! Love the razor. May Ye have many a great shave ahead! stay Ship Shape Savvy!

S B.
Captain Scurvy Shaving Soap

Sandalwood and vanilla are one of my favorite scents. Add a hint of lime and I thought this could be an intriguing combination. But I find this soap very lime forward, which wasn’t what I was hoping for. It’s still a good scent and the lime stays with you after the shave. I typically stay away from the citrus heavy scents so this will be the only one in my arsenal. With the strong lime scent this will go into a summertime rotation.
The soap does lather easily and provides a nice slickness, as all of the Blackship soaps do. All in all I would give this 4/5.

Robert A.
Captain Scurvy Shaving Soap

This is a wonderful soap. It lathers great and the scent is amazing. Has a very nice cushion and slickness. BSG hit this one out of the park.

Dan C.
Captain Scurvy Shaving Soap

No I am not the same as the previous Dan C. I love Lime and Sandalwood but never thought about putting them together. It is a wonderful combination with the Vanilla too. I am definitely going to purchase again.

Dan C.
Captain Scurvy Shaving Soap

As everyone knows, Sandalwood smells amazing, add Vanilla you have the perfect scent. How do you make it even better?..... Add Lime and you BAM, you have Scurvey!