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Captain's Pipe After Shave Splash

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Do you need a little Splash now and then? Even the roughest pirates like smooth calm skin. Each of our aftershaves has been formulated to help protect and heal your skin after shaving. We made our Splashes with skin soothing Witch hazel, Aloe, and Vitamin E to brace your skin as it helps to heal it. Our splashes are not watered down, we don't skimp on the Witch Hazel, Aloe or the Vitamin e. Our aftershaves will leave you skin feeling moisturized, most splashes that have alcohol make your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use our splashes that you don't need secondary moisturizers. We also add just the right touch of Menthol for a pleasant cooling effect.

Captain's Pipe is a great Tobacco scent. If you're a tobacco scent lover you'll find our Captain's Pipe shaving soap much more than just a tobacco scent. This is a scent that reminds me when my uncle uses to smoke Captain Black Cherry pipe tobacco. The smooth slightly sweet smell of Tobacco with just the right hint of Cherry blended in. If you haven't tried a tobacco scent you really should try the Captain's Pipe. This pairs well with our matching Captain's Pipe After Shave Splash.

Each bottle comes in our handsome 4oz frosted glass bottles

Customer Reviews

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Sean G.
Arrived broken 😠

The package smelled great. Unfortunately the aftershave had broken during shipping. I know stuff like this happens, but I’ve sent two emails and haven’t had a response. Hope this is a one off, because I really like the products I’ve purchased this time and in the past.

Sean, We apologize for this and have sent out a replacement for you. We've been working out some kinks in our phone system that has been sending all calls to spam. We usually pick up if we're not with a customer already. Every customer is important to us and we will correct this for you.

Jeff K.
Great scent

Captain’s Pipe is a great scent, as well as being a soothing aftershave. Black Ship makes some of the best products I’ve found.

Arrrrggggg!!! Bring me pipe!

Terrific products from Black Ship Grooming, my wife n kids love the scent, lasts all day n leaves ur skin soft

Didnt match the soap scent

Im a bib fan of the soap and so I ordered the matching AS. I was disappointed. The scent didnt match in my opinion. It smells like pancake syrup to me and my family. Not necessarily bad, but I was looking for that great cherry Tabaco scent.

Long Lasting Scent

I have to start by saying, this scent lasts all day. I can put it on at 5am and still smell it at noon. The smell evolves over time, and that might not be good for everyone. It starts off with a dark, warm tone that has a hint of sweet syrup in the background. It is a perfect compliment to the brighter smelling soap and rounds out the pipe tobacco effect. However, it dries down to a sweet smell that my wife has alternatively called maple syrup or Christmas cookies.

Really my only complaint is that the dry down can end up being a little bit cloying. It leaves my face feeling moisturized and smooth. The scent lingers for a good amount of time, and it has just enough bite to let you know it is working. Overall a top notch product that is well worth the price.

Great aftershave

Long lasting aftershave. great customer service

David C.
Captains pipe is the perfect name.

I completely ordered the wrong one, I’m not a fan of the scent. But if tobacco is your thing then this stuff is for you. It smells like someone smoking a pipe, my wife says it reminds her of Christmas. The aftershave performs like all of black ships. It’s smooth hydrating and cooling, in a word “perfect”.

Hi David,
Sorry to hear that, Give me a call or email lets see if we can help you.