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Captain's Pipe Shaving Soap

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Captain's Pipe is a great Tobacco scent. If you're a tobacco scent lover you'll find our Captain's Pipe shaving soap much more than just a tobacco scent. This is a scent that reminds me when my uncle uses to smoke Captain Black Cherry pipe tobacco. The smooth slightly sweet smell of Tobacco with just the right hint of Cherry blended in. If you haven't tried a tobacco scent you really should try the Captain's Pipe. This pairs well with our matching Captain's Pipe After Shave Splash.

Our artisan shaving soaps are made by hand in small batches. This to offer some of the very best shaving soaps that you can use. Our shaving soaps will help protect your face from nicks and razor burn by providing you a thick, rich cushion for your razor to glide on. Our soaps offer superior slickness that will help keep that smooth feel as your razor glides on a protective cushion. They leave your post-shaved skin feeling moisturized not dried out.

Every soap comes in our 4 oz plastic jar so you can store them with ease and whip up your lather without making a mess.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin 

Customer Reviews

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Mike .
Quick and Easy

When I need a soap that performs well, lathers easily, and doesn't need any extra fuss I reach for a BSG soap. This isn't like a some of the other brands that require more water than my garden, or a specific number of brush twirls. It just works with little effort or thought.

The smell is also pretty awesome if you like aromatic pipe tobaccos in the style of Captain Black or Borkum Riff. It is cherry forward with a nice warm tobacco scent underneath. Cherry cordials and light pipe tobacco is how I would describe the scent.

Frank C.
So good Im getting thematching AS

First the service. Excellent! Great attention to customer satisfaction. Ill be a regular customer. Thanks Kelly.
Second the soap. Very unique and one of a kind. I liked it the first time I used it and by the second I loved it! Im ordering the matching AS. I think that right there speaks for itself. Its such a great soap Im making samples to share with friends. Its too good not to turn people on to this.

Thank you for sharing this and spreading the word about the Black Ship! We truly appreciate it and see this is the highest praise we could get. We are truly humbled.
Stay Ship Shape,
(Head Pirate)

Masculine and unique

Very unique scent. Thats what makes artisans like this so great. What a difference compared to overpriced unisex foo foo mall stuff.

Satisfied customer

I got the captains pipe shaving soap and aftershave. It is a pleasant smell, and my wife likes it. I received a hand written “thank you” card and a sample vial of another scent... which Was a very nice surprise. I’ll be back for more.

Chad Spangler
Great tobacco scent

Smells just like the Cherry tobacco my father in law sells. Lather is superb. Scent last a long time after shaving and slickness is also great.

Thank you for sharing your photo! We love seeing our crew's set up.

Jace Garrett
Captain's Pipe Shaving Soap

I didn’t hate the smell nor looked forward to using it. The soap worked great though!

Sam Galloway
Captain's Pipe Shaving Soap

Excellent soap. Good lather.