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Captain's Shaving Brush

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Captain's Shaving Brush choose your knot.

Get your very own Captain's shaving brush just choose your knot! We're excited to offer you this semi-custom shaving brush. This is one of our hand turned shaving brush handles.  We take great pride to create a one of a kind shaving brush for you! Each brush is made at the time of the order. 

This brush has more options than most of our shaving brushes. You'll get to choose your knot. We offer se3verla types of shaving brush knots. From 28mm two band badger knots to our Pure black synthetic badger hair knots.

All you have to do is choose your knot type from the drop-down to Place your order and we'll get to work on your custom shaving brush! Remember each of the shaving brushes are hand turned. So no two will be exactly alike. The materials will vary from batch to batch also. We take great effort to make you a brush that will look like the one pictures above. 

Choose from the following brush types:

 Custom Shaving Brush knots
28mm Two Band Badger Hair Knot
28mm Synthetic Badger Badger Hair Knot
24mm Synthetic Boar shaving brush knot
24mm Synthetic Horse knot
24mm Pure Black Badger Hair knot
24mm Two Band Badger Knot
24mm Silvertip Badger Knot

  • As with all of our shaving brushes, your new Captain's Shaving Brush comes gift boxed with complete usage and care instructions, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kelly Hogan, and our exclusive one-year written warranty!