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Christmas Cannons Aftershave Splash

  • $19.50 USD

Fire Mr. Smeade! Let those Christmas Cannons Roar.

Shout from every deck that the Christmas Cannons are here. Our new Christmas Cannons have arrived and you will be the first to have it!  

The scent for Christmas Cannons will harken you back to simpler times filled with snow-covered pine with cranberries simmering on the hearth. notes of winter berries, fir notes, mahogany and ozone make this a very clean and unique scent just in time for the winter holidays!

Customer Reviews

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Louis S.

Awesome sent. I love it.

Soap. B.
Perfect Matching Splash

This splash perfectly rounds out the set. It gives an extra bit of pine and spice after using the sweet and spicy soap. An absolute must-have for the Christmas season!

James C.
Fresh cut Christmas tree all year long!!!

Absolutely love this aftershave! Smells like your walking through the forest!!!

Daniel J.

I bought this with the same scented shaving soap. I usually do enjoy a strongly scented aftershave, hot this is STRONG. Overwhelmingly the biggest scent here is pine. Same scent as you would smell with the fake Christmas tree scents. I really can’t detect too many other scents in the splash because the pine scent is so strong. Coupled with the soap, it’s a good match. Wearing it throughout the day the scent remains fairly strong. Which is kind of nice wearing a mask, thinking about it. If the pine scent was a little more subdued I would give this 5 stars. But, it is fun for winter shaves as you smell very strongly like a Christmas tree. My hot take on it is I’ll use this throughout December and shelve it after Christmas/early January until next year. Great seasonal soap/aftershave combo.

Michael N.
Ready, Set, Pine!

My wife bought this for me cause she thought it would smell like Christmas... Soap is A+, lather's great and you get a lot of lather for such little soap that you use. All of BSG soap is top notch in my book. I did a recent post on Cap'n Dark Side. So same concept here regarding scent, take my scent review with a grain of salt. I think people have different pallets and sensitivities to smell than me. With that being said, the scent strength on this AS is strong, probably 9-10, and it last's for most of the day. The scent that I smell is pine, pine and more pine. After about 3 hours I could smell a sweet aroma, however, the pine still overwhelmed it. Does it smell like Christmas? Not to me, but could for you... again, all I get is the Pine note. What I did like about the Aftershave and the soap is the Menthol feel. Which it makes it feel wintry crisp. However, with that being said, I guess I'm just not a fan of overwhelmingly powerful pine notes. PS.. My wife said it did somewhat remind her of a Christmas smell but wasn't a huge fan of the scent.

Jackson C.
Christmas cannons

As with other Black ship Grooming aftershave splashes, I find it difficult to express the medley of sent. That said, it is very nice! It feels great too. I will certainly purchase again in the future. Kelly, the owner, it’s great! Eager to help and I love getting free samples with every order!