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Christmas Cannons Shaving Soap

  • $16.00 USD

Fire Mr. Smeade! Let those Christmas Cannons Roar.

Shout from every deck that the Christmas Cannons are here. Our new Limited Edition soap base is here and Christmas Cannons will be the first to have it!  This new soap base has some moisture-rich ingredients like argan oil, lanolin and sunflower oil to name a few.

We made this base so it will create a thick creamy soap that will help you a really close shave and leave your skin feeling great!

The scent for Christmas Cannons will harken you back to simpler times filled with snow-covered pine and cranberries simmering on the hearth. notes of winter berries and ozone make this a very clean and unique scent just in time for the winter holidays!

You can find the matching Aftershave Splash to round out your shaving experience here

Customer Reviews

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John B.
An Underrated Scent

I am not sure why I don't see Black Ship Grooming on social media more; it's fantastic! This scent is wonderfully done for the holidays. It manages to be both sweet and spicy at once. It lathers creamy and gives a silky post-shave feel. I highly recommend this soap and will be getting more from this artisan. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Cannons

I'll save this for December but, this is easily the best Christmas scent.

Great Soap

This was my first artisan shave soap and I was extremely impressed with the difference shaving with it makes. Since I got it I've tried some others, and while they're all good, I think this is the best performance. It lathers well and quickly. The smell is amazing, more on the refreshing and clean side than the warm fur side like I expected, but I am not complaining, it smells great. My only complaint is that it comes in plastic, since I switched to wet shaving to reduce waste, but it lasts a long time. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Great Soap

This was my first experience with traditional soap in a tub, after having had trouble lathering other soap that wasn't from a reputable shaving company. This soap is a pleasure to use and smells fantastic, it's less heavy than I expected and is definitely more on the refreshing/ clean side but it is still a great smell. I recommend checking this out! I do wish it was offered in a metal tin rather than plastic but as it will last a while its not a huge concern.

Smells like nostalgia

Advertised as having a new base, I decided to try this out (as I'd purchased the 7 Doubloons in 2018). In addition to the new base, the "Christmas" scent was a draw for me. I live in a mountainy and wintery area, and when I used to visit my grandparents as a kid, Christmas was a good time.

Two weeks ago, after having shaved my scalp, I hopped in the car as a passenger on a road trip. The driver said, "Did you bring eggnog?" No, but I brought Christmas. I also had a blueberry cake donut in the car, so that may have accentuated it - but funny enough, if I had to describe the smell, it would be similar to an "old fashioned" donut (with its sour cream glaze) and a blueberry cake donut: not too far off, since its supposed to be reminiscent of cranberries and pine trees (aka Christmas)! Comfort food is good.

When my dad and brother sniffed the open container, they said it mainly smelled of "soap." They didn't smell it lathered up, as my driving companion had. It does smell faint in the tub, though, and mainly of a soap-ish scent and only faintly of something else (_possibly_ faintly pine-y). Lather it up, and - for me at least - it conjured up nostalgia. Not quite tree-like, I'll admit, though definitely an intangible cheerful Christmas spirit. That said, I've left soap lather remnants in the bottom of my shaving bowl so that when I come in the next day, the drying bubbles still leave a wonderful scent in the bathroom - seriously, its that good. Definitely recommended.

Derek S.
What a soap!

Lathered great and I loved the scent. It smelled like a good old Christmas Tree or Wreath.

Timothy G.
Cold, brisk , are going to go out and get a Tree!

I was so very pleasantly surprised how this scent truly brings to mind of Christmas in my childhood, the scent profile is amazing , I cannot put my finger on it but the ozone really takes it over the top with the pine and the smell of being outdoors looking for that special "Griswald" tree! Soap performance is amazing and the splash is magical, The splash makes your skin soft and slick without being wet , hard to describe. Get it as you will need it as part of your yearly sahve den experience.

HI Timothy,
thank you for the kind words we're really happy to see that it helped you remember Christmas of the past! We hope that when you get your live tree that you make sure the Griswald's squirrel isn't in there!