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Merkur 15C Safety Razor Open Comb

  • $31.00 USD
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The Merkur 15C open comb safety Razor has open teeth or comb design. the open comb design was traditionally thought to help with thick, wiry beards. This is considered an aggressive shaver. those wanting a more aggressive shaver this is the one for you. The 15C is a lightweight coming in at 54 grams. it has a thin comfortable knurled textured grip that offers slip non-slip grip with a slightly larger end to help the grip. I Personally tried and own this one, I usually like a middle of the road razor in the aggressive razor, I find that this one is mild enough to use without razor burn. The light weight of the handle means that the head is heavier. Don't push down on the head just let it rest and let the razor do the work for you. After a few passes, your beard will be gone leaving you with a smooth comfortable shave. The short handle makes it nimble in the hands.

  • weighs 54 grams
  • 3" handle length
  • 3.25" total length

This amazing chrome plated 3-piece designed Razor is an essential for your grooming regimen. You can quickly change your favorite D.E. blades by unscrewing the handle of traditional 3-piece design. Then simply screw handle back on the head and your ready shave all at a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors.

Made in Solingen, Germany