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Pirates Bay After Shave Splash

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Daniel Johnson
Vanilla & Floral scents

If you love over the top fragrance that could very well double as a cologne, this ones for you. Needs some shaming up every few days and upon arrival, but it gets the job done. Love the scent, but it is very strong. Especially if you shave fairly often like I do, you have to limit how much you use because of how strong it is

Hi Daniel,
one thing you could try is to wet your hands right before you apply the aftershave. This will help cut down on the scent straight and any alcohol burn!

John C.
Pirates Bay After Shave Splash

Pirates Bay is a complex scent with a lot going on in it. First impression is very citrus forward with some very mild spice. The vanilla and pine come out in the dry down. Winner from Black Ship! Will definitely be trying some other things from Black Ship in the future. I also received as a free gift a wonderfully scented soap. Good stuff!

Pirates Bay After Shave Splash

Bay Rum with a stronger and more varied spice profile. Nutmeg, cloves and capers lend a spicy almost peppery warmth, while vanilla provides a nice mellow base. Add in a subtle twist of orange and pine and the result is what I imagine the hold of a spice smugglers ship might smell like.
I have sensitive skin prone to irritation; the aloe, vitamin E, witch hazel and menthol soothe and moisturize extremely well. Not all artisans add menthol, it really elevates the soothing aspect and adds another layer of freshness to the entire experience without impacting the fragrance. Performance has been the same for all BWW splashes I have tried without exception.
Customer Service:
Exceptional. Kelly is quick to respond to any questions or comments I have had. Shipping is always quick and includes tracking as well as sample vials of aftershaves. One time the postal service notified Kelly that an order of mine had been severely damaged. Kelly replaced the order promptly, notified me of the delay and offered to send me a tub of shaving soap free of charge for the inconvenience. When I politely refused the soap (wasn't Kelly's fault after all) he threw in a free full sized bottle of balm anyway and a couple extra sample vials. Can't beat that level of dedication to customer service! That plus the new fragrances every 2 months or so will keep me coming back for a very long time. Thanks for everything Kelly!

J Brown
Pirates Bay After Shave Splash

Great aftershave that matches the soap perfectly. I like the mild bay rum scent. Good menthol kick.

Pirates Bay: This fragrance is all about exotic spices - Allspice, Capers, Cloves, Nutmeg and mix with Crushed Orange, Crisp Pine Needles and just a touch of
Patchouli and Vanilla to add a deep base note for staying powder. I added a little blend of Aladdin's spice to give it a whole new kick.

Everyone needs a Little Splash now and then. Even the roughest pirates like smooth calm skin. Each of our after shaves have been formulated to help protect and heal your skin after shaving. We made our Splashes with skin soothing Witch Hazel, Aloe and Vitamin E to brace your skin as it helps to heal it. Our splashes are not watered down, we don't skimp on the Witch Hazel, Aloe or the Vitamin e.

Our aftershaves will leave you skin feeling moisturized, most splashes that have alcohol make your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use our splashes that you don't need a secondary moisturizer. We also add just the right touch of Menthol for a pleasant cooling effect.

Each bottle comes in our handsome 4oz frosted glass bottles