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Red & Gray Wooden Mach3 Razor

Red & Gray Wooden Mach3 Razor

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Our Hand turned Mach3 Razor is made with red and gray Spectraply creating a true one of a kind shaver. We hand turn the handle so it will fit comfortably in the hand. This razor takes the popular Gillette Mach3 standard Razor heads, that are easy to find at any local store. The Razor does not come with a head. You'll love the look and feel of the razor, I hand seal the razor and then polish it for a durable glass-like finish. Our finish is easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse it off and then towel dry and place on a hanger to completely dry. This will become your go-to razor that you'll love using. Get it while it's still in stock, Like all my shavers they are hand made one at a time and as such once it's gone, it's gone.



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