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Savvy Beard Balm

Savvy Beard Balm

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Get Ye Beard Right, Get out Savvy Beard Balm!

Hey there Savvy, does your beard need some taming?  Our Savvy heavy hold beard balm is the answer you've been looking for. Made with natural ingredients so your man mane stays in place without any chemicals that can destroy your beard locks.

No pirates has time for that! We created our Savvy beard balm from the best ingredients like jojoba and argan oils that act like your natural sebum to nourish and help maintain healthy skin as it nourishes your beard. As your beard grows it pulls the sebum from your skin to keep your facial hair moisturized and growing. If your skin is itchy there's a good chance your skin needs some of our blam to replace the missing sebum. 

We add lanolin and beeswax to tame that wee beastie. You don't want to go to the office looking like you just fought the Kraken. Having a beard means you can show off your manliness but it doesn't have to mean you like like a hermit.

Show off your Beard and style it like you mean it with our Savvy beard balm and show the noreasters that you mean business! 

If you need would like some lighter hold Balm you can find it here:    

and if you would like to up that game you can find our Beard oils here:  And don't forget to get a comb to make that man mane looks like Black Beard himself



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