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Scrooge shaving soap-Mens shaving Soap- Handmade Soaps

Scrooge shaving soap-Mens shaving Soap- Handmade Soaps

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Scrooogeeee, Scrooogeee.... It's time for your reclamation! Christmas Is one of the best times of the year. We all love watching our favorite Christmas shows and our favorite is Christmas Carol! A story of hope and reclamation for the ages.

Scrooge starts out as a hardened soul that changes to see how one person can person can make an impact on another person's life.  We chose Scrooge this year for that very reason! We hope that it may bring a little joy to your life. Crafted like a dodgy old soul that was dark but changes to a lighter, free soul. 

We crafted this scent with the old cranky soul of Scrooge blending Black Pepper and balsams giving scrooge a darker scent, Then we mixed in some Bergamot and Lavender for their lighter brighter notes. It's a wonderful scent that will lighten your day giving you hope for whatever may come that day! Did we mention that it's in our New Kaito shaving cream base? You'll love the lather and the post-shave!

Scrooge is part of our Christmas Carol collection of shaving soaps and splashes. We have our Three ghosts of Christmas, The golden Carol, Wassail & Silent Knight. Rounded out with Fezziwig and now Scrooge! Collect them all before they're gone. 

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