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Davy Jones Beard butter

Davy Jones Beard butter

  • Scent Profile: Bourbon and Sandalwood
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Davy Jones Beard Butter is just what the pirate ordered for a healthy beard. Our newly re formulated beard butters are made with the best ingredients for your beard.

We only use specific ingredients that will highly nourish your beard with out that greasy feeling. 

we chose Shea butter, jojoba oil, avacado oil and sweet almond oil for they way they all hydrate your beard hair.  Once you try our light, easy to apply beard butters you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried them before! 

Apply Davy Jones Beard Butter to your beard after using the matching Davy Jones Beard oil. The oil will help your skin and hair while the beard butter comes after to dial up that moisture for flyaway free healthy bead!  Just scoop out a dime sized amount of Davy Jones beard butter and you’ll see how quickly it melts in your hand making it super easy to work into your beard.  Start from the bottom and work into your beard with up ward strokes till you cover your entire bear. Then simply run your Black ship Grooming Co. Beard brush through your beard helping to spread that butter evenly throughout your beard. 

now if you need it grab one of our balms to give your beard the exact shape you desire. That’s lol there is to it! A ship Shape beard in no time flat!



Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Vitamin E

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