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The Black Cat Aftershave Splash

The Black Cat Aftershave Splash

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Beware the Black Cat Savvy!

A black cat was a sign of a good omen aboard the pirate ships and this black cat will be great shaving companion for ye! With our special blend of Apples, rum, black pepper and smoke to top it off. You'll love this combination. 

We cant't take all the credit for the scent blend though. One of our Crew Members, Alex Casucci asked us to make an apple scent with rum and smoke, we couldn't resist a blend like that and set off to mixing this ominous blend we went. We think Alex had a great idea and we think yo'll agree. 

Everyone needs a Little Splash now and then. Even the roughest pirates like smooth calm skin. Each of our aftershaves has been formulated to help protect and heal your skin after shaving.

We made our Splashes with skin soothing Witch hazel, Aloe, and Vitamin E to brace your skin as it helps to heal it. Our splashes are not watered down, we don't skimp on the Witch Hazel, Aloe or the Vitamin e.

Our aftershaves will leave your skin feeling moisturized, most splashes that have alcohol make your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use our splashes that you don't need secondary moisturizers. We also add just the right touch of Menthol for a pleasant cooling effect.

Each bottle comes in our handsome 100 ml black frosted glass bottles



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