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Shiver Me Timbers Bath Soap

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Avast & Shiver Me Timbers Ye need some Bath Soap!

A Cold Stiff wind Ye be calling fer!  Look no further Mate,  Shiver Me Timbers be ye bath soap ye longing fer. With is cold menthol grip and a mix of Peppermint eucalyptus and lime, You;ll be hard pressed to find a crisper soap for your morning routine. Forget the Joe, grab the SMT and your day will start out right! Our bath & body soaps are handmade with simple ingredients. Our bath & body soaps use the finest high-quality ingredients for a one of a kind soap.

We don't add lots of frilly stuff. You won't see seeds or rose hips or colorants in our soaps. We just wanted to make you a great bar of all natural soap using basic ingredients. We take great pride to offer you these soaps.

Our formula makes a rich creamy bar of soap that will feel great on your skin. It provides a gentle clean just like nature intended. Unlike most so call soaps, our soap is actual soap, not a detergent based soap that can strip all the moisture away. check your favorite bar, I'll bet it says beauty bar instead of actually saying just soap. 

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