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Siren's Song After Shave Splash

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The Siren's are singing their sweet song, do you hear them matey? They're begging us to come closer! 

Come to us they call to you, will you sail closer? will you feel the warm splash on your face? Sweet melodic calls beg you and you can't resist. 

Siren's Song is a sultry blend of Lavender, Fir, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and bergamot. One splash and you'll be hooked, you have been warned!

Everyone needs a Little Splash now and then. Even the roughest pirates like smooth calm skin. Each of our aftershaves has been formulated to help protect and heal your skin after shaving. We made our Splashes of skin soothing Witch hazel, Aloe, and Vitamin E to brace your skin as it helps to heal it. Our splashes are not watered down, we don't skimp on the Witch Hazel, Aloe or the Vitamin e.

Our aftershaves will leave your skin feeling moisturized, most splashes that have alcohol make your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use our splashes that you don't need secondary moisturizers. We also add just the right touch of Menthol for a pleasant cooling effect.

Each bottle comes in our handsome 4oz frosted glass bottles or our unique Black Skull bottle!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
A barbershop splash (to me YMMV)

A nice splash that has a longer lasting powdery lavender scent. Enjoyable to use and your face feels nice and refreshed afterward. It has a nice menthol kick to top it off. A good value.

Richard B.

This scent is intoxicating. Starts with an amazing fir note then morphs into some sweet florals and citrus that sit so nicely on freshly shaved skin. This is my new favorite after shave...right after 7 Doubloons by Black Ship. Well, I should clarify that I've only used the 7 Doubloons shave soap so far, but it definitely hit all the marks for me. Both of these products are just flat out amazing! I recently discovered Black Ship Grooming and I'm ecstatic. Thanks so much!

Nirvana in a bottle!

One of the best smelling after shave splashes I’ve ever smelled!!!

Patrick B.
Fantastic scent! My new all time favorite.

I have had a favorite cologne since the late 70s, early 80s, a then new cologne from France: Jacomo. Until … the people at Black Ship sent me a sample of Siren’s Song. It has the quality of a siren singing for sure! I find myself putting it on just to smell the fragrance, not just after shaving. If you get just one after shave make it this one. Just absolutely wonderful.

Patrick B.
Beyond Belief

I remember the first cologne I ever bought 40 years ago. It was brand new: Jacomo from Paris. To this day it is my favorite cologne, and to me nothing ever came close. Until the other day when I received a sample of Siren’s Song. It is beyond belief. I am literally speechless on it. I almost wonder what made Black Ship come up with the combination! So I just bought a bottle! And Note: I cannot use after shave on my face as I break out (which happened) but I happily used and will use this as cologne. (For those of you in the same “boat” as me! Ha) Just sooo wonderful! Thank you me buckos Black Ship!!

Hi, Patrick, We have Great New For you! We're Making and EdP of Siren's Song just for folks like you! Stand By for more info on that.

Sam T.
Smells great

Fantastic aftershave!

Bruce E.
Long lasting and refreshing

I really like the Siren’s Song aftershave, it goes with the Shaving Soap perfectly. I was very happy with how refreshing the product is upon application, and the longevity of the scent.